Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Once a Good girl goes bad.... REal....
She's gone LIVES forever....

faccades diminish......
and Good becomes Real
Maybe Leaving Good doesn't always mean becoming Bad

UnEXplainable ME

I have yet to attain the ability to adequately describe myself in words
.....anyone with this ability is either miserably simple or has stopped evolving...
i hope for neither of these to happen to me.

Bloomington: SHOW ME A GOOD... STylE

I spent majority of my college career constantly daydreaming about the Big Apple, hoping to take a bite of the fashion, culture, and stories I adore:

BUTTTT..... Dreams, Thoughts, Culture, Style & Fashion are surrounding us, outside NY borders:

This blog is dedicated to every New Yorker at heart: rather Bloomington, Chicago, DC, Atlanta, LA, or a small county in Wisconsin. 
NY may be the US fashion captial, but Style, Dreams, Culture, & Fashion transcends pass city limits and is embraced in every state: 
BLOOMINGTON, Show Me A Good Style: 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ink My Soul

inked on her skin
reflects her soul