Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LiFE StoRiEs

Beautiful stories... Every life, eloquently written, is worth reading.

I find myself analysizing every move, every finger that taps against the table, or eye roll buried in irritation. There is rarely a time that I am not occupied analyzing the thoughts and ideas that lurk in people's mind. Sometimes I think that I have recieved a gift to read people's unspoken thoughts...these thoughts that are meticulously embedded in their gestures.Ridiculous I know...

Yet, the most ridiculous aspect of this idea is that... I really believe that I can read each person. When people tell their childhood stories, longing wishes for success, sometimes if you look closely, deeper than the sarcastic remarks and courteous "laughs" to lighten up the serious mood, there "it" lies.

The "it" that I am referring to is "the person" in their uncensored, unprotected, and completely vulnerable state. In each moment they are giving you pieces of their soul, but only if you accept.... invitation to illustrate who they are to themselves.

Each of these stories, these moments in time, are worthy of their own book, are movie premiers in the making....

these moments most of all are.....unnoticed. The invitation is rarely recieved....& i stand there acting oblivious to it all.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

removal of the mask

I once held dear to my mask. We so often hear tales of the wolf conquering the sheep. So much so that these vulnerabilities, as beautiful as they are, become hidden, camouflaged. The cowering sheep clutches to the mask of a wolf.

I watch as my friend becomes ... a mere sheep in wolves clothing, hiding behind the mask...covering her insecurities, but she's worn the mask so long, that the mask has become her....

so i whisper to her ...darling you are more beautiful than your mask could ever attempt to become.

O how i love to watch her smile, and her mask fall.